Energy Efficiency in Buildings


The  Energy Efficiency in Buildings group belongs to the Sustainable Energy Systems - University of Lisbon,  it is associated to the Department of Geographic Engineering, Geophysics and Energy (DEGGE) of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon.

It is involved in the Energy and Environmental Engineering master degree and it is also associated to the new Doctoral Program on Sustainable Energy Systems (SES), jointly developed by MIT and Portuguese Universities, under the framework of the Energy Systems focus area of the MIT Portugal Program.

Our research work focus on model development for dynamic simulation in buildings for high comfort with energy efficiency.


Main projects

Passive ventilation heating/cooling

        - air-soil heat exchangers

                    detailed simulation and guidelines

                    system analysis + global energy balance

        - controlled thermal phase-shifting

                    development of a new thermal storage technique

Building renewal in historical Lisbon: energy intervention (Baixa Chiado)

Shopping mall energy use (involvement with industry: MDC, Auchan and Wilhelm)‏

Low energy single family houses (Passive-On EU Project)

Low depth Geothermal energy use



Several projects in energy optimization and renewable energy use (e.g. national program for renewal of schools, launched in 2007)



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